Wednesday, 7 June 2017

6 Smart Ways To Make Data Capture Services More Effective

Technological advancements have led to a lot of innovations in data mining where data is collected from manual records, web content, doc files and more to turn it into digital format. The immense popularity of data mining and its significance in business development has made outsourcing of data mining quite popular among businesses. Data mining helps to sift through tons of data that get piled by every day in the forms of brochures, survey reports, forms and letters among others and organize it in the most concise and easily accessible digital format.

Data Capture Services

Data Capture is the sum total of the processes used to identify and extract data from scanned documents. Having the right data can make or break a right business decision for organizations and when they have to deal with loads of data sources on a day to day basis, effective data capture methods can have a great impact on improving the operational efficiencies. By employing some smart data capturing methods, you can ensure the best quality data that will serve as a decisive road map in your business development and diversification processes.

Manual capture:

It is the customary way of data capture where a data entry operator will key in the data manually using software tools like Excel and  Word processor among others. Though it is highly labor intensive and prone to errors , manual data capturing still remains one of the common data capture methods still used by business organizations. As it requires a very high typing speed and accuracy, manual data capture is best outsourced for firms that do not have adequate internal resources to handle this.

Automatic data capture:

In this method digital technology is employed to capture data. Though this method is more accurate than manual data mining, it involves a high start up cost of acquiring suitable software and tools, which in the long run will be less compared to the benefits it offer.

Optical character recognition:

This technology enables data capture from image files, printed documents and editable texts without having to retype it all over. It is fast and precise and will retain all the fonts and alignments as such in the digital format as well.

Intelligent character recognition (ICR):

It is a technology that can be used to turn hand written documents into digital format. It will analyze and handwritten text till it attains the desired accuracy.

Bar code recognition:

It captures information depending on the car codes used. This method is quite useful as it can   recognize a lot of meta tags that are used and this method can be used to capture the data of delivery notes and application forms among others.

Optical Mark Reading (OMR):

This technology will capture human marked  data from  a document such as survey forms, answer sheets, forms etc. It can identity marked and unmarked boxes and will collect data from marked documents.

Organizations employ data capture services to turn data in printed format into digital form in order to ensure easy accessibility and data management. However, most organizationa may not be having the requisite infrastructure and manpower to carry out this time consuming task and that is what makes outsourcing the best possible option.

Why should you outsource data capture services us?

We have many years of experience in handling data capturing services of different complexities for businesses in all genres. We use the latest technology to process external data formats like text, image and audio among others to digital formats of your choice.  Outsourcing will cut down the overhead by over 60% and will help save time and effort for your team, which can be utilized to carry out the core business operations. We ensure a high precise and error free output coupled with the added advantage of 100% data security.

So, if you have been not making use of the advantage of data capture services till now, it is time for you to consider the best option of data capture outsourcing.

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