Tuesday 16 January 2018

Why Outsource Data Entry Of Shipping and Logistics Documents Like Freight Bill and Bill of Lading

Data Entry Of Freight Bill and Bill of Lading

Shipping transactions involves a lot of documents used for the shipping transaction purposes like Export - Import, Custom Clearance and Loading - Unloading of cargo among others.

Data Entry Of Shipping and Logistics Freight Bill and Bill of Lading

Shipping documents carry all the necessary information like weight, volume, details of cargo and containers, port of loading and destination, shipper, consignor, and consignee details.
Shipping documents need to be processed with a very high level of accuracy as even minor errors can lead to delays in port clearance. 

Outsourcing data entry of freight bill and bill of lading will save a lot of operational overheads, time and effort of your manpower that can be utilized in your core business operations.
We have a team of data entry experts with hands on experience in handling shipping documents with accuracy.
We carry out verification process checks on addresses and the Shipping documents are presented in specific formats in compliance of the requirements.

Shipping delays can cause huge losses for the companies involved.
By out processing the important shipping documents like Shipping bill, the customs document to claim drawback and Bill of lading, which is the proof of the receipt of goods for shipment among others you are rest assured of a smooth shipping transaction at both the loading and unloading ports.
Shipping documents are highly time sensitive and confidential, which makes its timely processing highly important.

So, if you are not sure how to go about the cumbersome task of processing your shipping documents, hand over this responsibility to the experts at Sasta Outsourcing Services and stay focused on your core business operations with a focused and calm mind while we juggle all the necessary tasks with clockwork precision
Here are some of the advantages of outsourcing shipping documents services

  • Error free reports
  • Quick turn-around time that will enable you to meet specified deadlines
  • Secure and premium quality output

For more information or quotes, just give us a call or send an email and let our friendly team take it over from you!


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